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Our Mission

Excellence in Digestive Healthcare

We are an independent medical facility and medical practice. Our goal is to provide patients with the latest in procedures and treatment as they strive to enhance and maintain their quality of life. We utilize a team approach with professional staff that strives to provide compassionate, confidential, scientific based and cost-effective care to each individual.We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services in digestive diseases and look forward to serving your needs in a professional, state-of-the-art facility with a pleasant environment. Our goal is to work with our patients as they strive to enhance and maintain their quality of life.

Less waiting, less paper work, and less expense

In keeping with our mission the Wake Forest Endoscopy Center was designed to be patient friendly with the highest standards and procedure efficiency in mind. The facilities are all digital and feature state-of -the-art equipment. The center is fully staffed with board physicians, nurses, medical assistants and support staff. The result for patients is quality care with less wait time, less paper work, and less expense. These are a few of the reasons why many doctors refer their patients to Wake Forest Endoscopy Center for testing and procedures. Wake Forest Endoscopy Center is a North Carolina State certified ambulatory surgery center and is AAAHC approved.

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